Huawei pour salt on Samsung’s wounds, will go forward with Mate X launch


If things weren’t already awful for Samsung, Huawei had aggravated them. With Samsung dropping the release of Galaxy Fold, everybody expected that Huawei Mate X will meet a similar destiny as Galaxy Fold. However, if you had your eyes set on an extravagant smartphone, then there’s positive news.
As per a Chinese news site MyDrivers , Huawei is going ahead with the release of Mate X. The site got affirmation from somebody at Huawei that the company is set up for the release planned for June. However, seeing the Galaxy Fold debacle, it may be a smart thought to give analysts a chance to declare their analysis before spending your hard earned money on Mate X. All things considered, the Mate X beyond any doubt does look and feel sturdier than the Galaxy Fold.
Now we don’t have much knowledge regarding the availability of Mate X. Huawei may target only a bundle of countries at release and extend later on. We do expect that Huawei gets a notable release because, as per general opinion, Mate X looks significantly better than the Samsung Galaxy Fold.


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