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For Apple devices, there are more then 2.2 million apps available on the AppStore, but because of various reasons AppStore does not authorize many external apps. At this point, jailbreak of your Apple device seems like only option to install and use these external apps. When you jailbreak your device, it gives you a chance to install operating system of your own preference. Once you jailbreak your device, you can freely install an app from APK files without facing the trouble of downloading from AppStore.


There is a number of new software and apps which you can experience and enjoy after jailbreaking your device. Jailbreaking your touch iPhone or iPad gives you freedom to explore new apps on your device and you can customize it an a different way as well. Although jailbreaking is considered as one of a difficult process, but it gives you opportunity to enjoy using your iPhone or iPad to the fullest.

As the latest iPad are introduces with iPadOS instead of iOS, so the techniques mentioned here will not be useful for iPad with iPadOS. But if you have an older iPad with iOS 13, the following techniques will be helpful to jailbreak.

What is meant by jailbreak?

First of all, we would like to make it clear that it is not guaranteed that you will be able to jailbreak your device after reading this article. As mentioned previously it is a difficult process to jailbreak your device, so we cannot be held responsible if there occurs a problem with your device while jailbreaking. The Pangu jailbreaking tools are quit reliable for jailbreaking and is quit easy as well.

The limitations placed by the Apple can be avoided by jailbreaking your device. By freeing your device from these limitations implies that you can install external Apps from outside instead of Apple’s iTunes or AppStore. You can also mess with already bound conditions of an iOS device. Jailbreaking tool is also used for to make iPhone or iPad available to other shippers.

Important note: Apple forbids from jailbreaking your iPhone and other Apple devices.

How to back up your data for jailbreak?

It is a always a good decision to back up your data in device before jailbreaking. There are different ways to back up, it is an easy way to back up your iPhone wirelessly with iCloud. Then whenever you will plug iTunes in your device, it will back up by default. And in case you’re running Mac OS Catalina or more up to date OS, Finder is much useful to back up your iPhone to your Mac. You must not want to lose your precious data while jailbreaking your device, for this you must remember to back up your device to iCloud or in the computer so you do not lose your music, apps, movies, etc. in this process. By having a back up of your data you will be able to restore everything back in your device after jailbreaking it. Just keep you device synced with iTunes to back up your iPhone automatically.

How to start jailbreak process?

First of All You have to update your Apple device to the latest iOS, which is iOS 13, to begin with jailbreak. The update can be done by simply from settings (Settings > General > Software Update) as well as through iTunes. iTunes will stimulate your device to run the iOS update as soon as you sync your device to it. For this you should download and update to the latest version of iTunes if you haven’t done it yet.

Or You can also update your iPhone through Finder in case you have you are on a more up-to-date Mac and have iTunes not anymore. You can update your device easily to latest iOS 13 if it is not already jailbroken but if it is so then your iPhone will go to recovery mode without completing update. It is not such a big problem, you just need to let your device to recover to latest iOS via iTunes or Finder.

Your device will reset to the factory setting as soon as the recovery is completed. In any case you must not sync your device at that time. You mast make it to the home screen before continuing further. You should set up your iPhone with your Apple ID and wi-fi.

You don’t need a computer for the next step to jailbreak. You just need the device to be jailbroken, reboot your device for safety purposes.

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Jailbreak for iOS 13 and latest versions

The method of jailbreaking which was suggested by Pangu for iOS 13 is the one published by Hexxa Plus. Following are the steps to install it in your iOS device.

  1. You have to download Hexxa Plus on your iOS device by accessing the link through same device. As MacBook or computer will not be of any help for this.
  2. Tap Allow > Download to download it to your iOS 13 device Id. Then go to Settings > Profile Downloaded and tap the downloaded link. Your device may require a confirmation of password before installing.
  3. You will be able to install a repo after installing Hexxa Plus app. Pangu suggests Cydia. You can download it by opening your Hexxa Plus app and tap Get Repos.
  4. Next scroll to the App Managers Repo List and tap it, then copy the “” address.
  5. Now, Re-open your Hexxa Plus app and tap Extract Repo. Then paste the copied address and tap Ok to extract the Cydia repo.
  6. Tap the Download button, then head to Allow > Go to settings > Profile Downloaded > Install. Now you will have to enter your password for authorization purposes. Once you have done it you will only need to tap Install > Done.

Process to restore the device from iTunes or Finder

Now You can restore all your data back to your iOS device after you have safely completed jailbreak. If your device is not jailbroken before and you have done it for the first time, then there is a possibility that your iOS device bring all your data back after jailbreaking. But if you are doing for second time, then as you will need to do the recovery to update your device.

For back up, you will have to plug your iOS device into your computer. The iTunes and Finder will bring back all your data to its original place.

Congratulation, you have completed jailbreak

Congratulations, you have completed jailbreak and restored your precious data, now you can download and install third-party apps through Cydia.

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